Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This blog is WAY overdue for an update.  Last week, my camera finally bit the dust and so I was unable to upload new photos.
Luckily, I now am in possession of a new one that is very pretty and works beautifully.

Last week was lovely because our Etude de la Langue professor was in Morocco for the week and thus there was no class! Of course we had to make up the hours the week before AS WELL AS do the regular hours for the course for the week. It was a looooong week, but it was very nice to have last week off.

This week is already flying because the Easter weekend was a long one and we had Monday off. Friday morning, Sarah and I will be leaving for Ireland for the week and then we will be on our separate ways for the second week of vacation.

I am most likely going to be visiting a good family friend, Angela in Baden Baden, Germany which is very close to Strasbourg. And I CAN'T wait! Lots of pictures to come from this vacation, I assure you.

This was dinner last week- fajitas!!! As messy as they were, they were deliciousssssss. Now it's back to good old pasta and sauce to save on cash for vacation.....
À plus!

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  1. Salut Grace,
    Je suis toujours tes aventures et je suis sûr que tu t’amuseras bien en Irlande et en Allemagne. Je ne connais pas Strasbourg, mais j’ai entendu qu’on y mange très bien.
    Parlant de bouffe. (Tu connais le verbe bouffer ?) les Kababs sont merveilleux ! Ton œuf au croissant est génial aussi. Je serai à Paris dimanche prochain avec le groupe de Spaulding. Je ne peux pas attendre pour voir ma famille. Bonnes vacances !