Monday, May 10, 2010

The semester wraps up : rainy days, finals, the park, saying goodbyes, etc.. etc...

The weather actually stopped being weird for one whole day on Sunday so that Meagan, Sarah and I were able to spend the whole afternoon out at the Parc du Thabor and have a picnic!!! 
Also we were able to walk around the rose gardens which, sadly, haven't bloomed yet, but we did get to read all the names of each individual rose bush, which was so cool. A few of the names included Toulouse Lautrec, Marilyn Monroe, Princesse Grace de Monaco, Exciting, and Quebec. Hilarious, I know.
However, my personal favorite was "Joie" :)

Finals have started and everything is starting to wind down... 

I'm hoping to have a few more adventures before I leave... A trip to Germany is in order at the end of the month and I'm hoping to see Gogol Bordello with Pretty Bright Lights the night before I leave in Parissssss :D 
Only time (and funds) will tell if this will be possible, but I really hope it happens!

This weekend should be especially good- I'm planning on going to a football (soccer) game on Friday night and there are also some traditional Bréton celebrations this week and weekend, which I hope to get to! 


  1. lovely post with great fabulous photos! hooray! i hope you go on your adventures!

  2. Salut Grace,
    Je suis toujours tous tes voyages. J’ai pensé à toi hier soir, j’ai mangé une bonne crêpe au sarrasin avec du vrai cidre. Ca me rappelle la Bretagne. Tes photos des jardins sont magnifiques. Bon courage pour les examens!!!