Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dunkin' Donuts, please step aside. Your croissants are terrible.

When it's gray outside, but strangely warm, and there is absolutely nothing to do because it is Saturday and you can't sleep anymore, this is what happens. You make food.
But not just any food because the food here is, of course, exceptional. Especially the croissants.

So after a quick trip to Carrefour and the Boulangerie, I made my own croissant egg sandwich that Dunkin' Donuts lovers would drool over. It was lightly toasted and super buttery and the eggs were all fresh and "Bio" which is organic

It's also pretty nice that it's so easy to make.
Perfect, Relaxing Afternoon Recipe

1) Crack eggs into pan, greased with some beurre
2) Listen to "Please Be With Me" by Eric Clapton
3) Flip les oeufs
4) Sprinkle some Emmental fromage on top of that, comme ├ža.

5) Listen to "Germ-Free Adolescents" by X-Ray Spex.
6) Toast the sliced croissant face-down in the pan for a few minutes
7) While this is going on you may listen to "Come a Little Bit Closer" by Jay and the Americans because it's hilarious and it goes well whilst cooking afternoon breakfast.
8) Place les oeufs into the lightly toasted croissant and squish (if you want the egg guts to spill out, which is kind of enjoyable if you ask me)
9) Et voila! Enjoy with some OJ whilst watching Gilmore Girls. (If you like witty banter courtesy of Amy Sherman-Palladino)

And from here your Saturday should be pretty enjoyable. :-)


  1. mmmmmmmm *drools uncontrollably*

    loves scrumptulescent

  2. so happy i got to eat thattttt

    <3 fatneck

  3. what a great post. especially the part with the gilmore girls. i miss that so much. gee. guess we will have to start at the beginning again when June 1 hits. get ready!
    la la. la la. la la la la.!!!!
    xo mama

  4. hey, time for a new post! TABAC shop!!!