Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New motivation...

So as I went to upload more photos this afternoon, my video of me making a crepe at Margot's house somehow popped up and uploaded. And here I thought it was lost and gone forever... So here it is!!! My first crepe carefully overseen by Margot's mom, Françoise. Merci, merci encore!

In other news, Sarah and I have officially decided to work out (via our stairwell, as our elevator is broken- yay for living on the 7th floor) and eat much better.
This is my fully-stocked cabinet with HEALTHY FOODS. Note that there is no longer any chocolate pain. (I call pain au chocolat that p.s.) All that is left is corn and spinach and a ton of kiwi and onionsssss and potatoes. And rice and dried apricots.

So the menu for tonight is chicken breast with sauteéd veggies and I can't wait to eattttttttt!
But, what else is new?


  1. Mmmm ... kiwiiiii

    And that was a beautiful first crepe, love. You will have to teach me!


  2. Salut Grace,
    C’est super que tu aies pu passer tellement de temps avec une famille française. Et en plus tu as fait des crêpes ! Ton voyage en Ireland me semble un rêve. J’ai l’impression que tu vas revenir parlant comme une vraie française ! Bravo Grace !