Sunday, January 24, 2010

2nd Day: An Italian Feast

So this was dinner tonight and it was HEAVENLY. I tell you- heavenly. It was at an Italian restaurant called Papamia in the historical district. It was small and brightly colored and filled with jazz music and although it was a small portion of pasta, it was the most delicious pesto I've ever had. The bread was to die for, too.

But how we came by this wonderful place is the interesting part. As we were on our search for food, we thought we would stop at an irish pub to have some beer and some pub food. We asked the bartenders for food and they replied that they only served food with lunch, however they recommended a nearby Italian restaurant and even had a copy of the menu for us to look at. We were very impressed and after talking more with the bartender we learned that they host an "English Speaking Night" that we are going to go to tomorrow evening! It should be fun to meet all the other Americans, Irish and English in Rennes! Also, the bartenders were so nice, they gave us maps of Rennes and told us we could go to them with any questions about Rennes at all!

Thus, our day was not bad at all. Now, tomorrow morning we have to get up at the CRACK OF 7:00 AM !!! But at least it's for good reason- we have class orientation. Classes don't start until Thursday, but this will be good for us. Hence, I must get sleep. Bon soir!

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  1. J’ai toujours entendu que les gens à Rennes sont très aimables ! Seulement le deuxième jour et tu as déjà trouvé des amis. Bravo !