Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hot Chocolate!

Le Haricot Rouge! A delicious hot chocolate place that was perfect for warming up at this COLD afternoon in Brétagne. Also good at giving one the sugary jitters!
They even give you a tiny glass cup of water because the sheer amount of sugar becomes too much after a few bites.
So much for hoping the weather would get warmer... today it was FRIGID. And windy. Aghhhhhh.

Last night however, the girls and I ventured out to Republiqué and went to the Irish bar (O'Connell's) that gave us the tip about the Italian restaurant the other day. Monday night is English Speaking Night there, although I honestly didn't speak much English. There were so many interesting people who spoke French, I ended up practicing my French more than anything, while sipping Guinness. Which I have decided that I really love.

Today was a mess of cold and ridiculousness. After paying a "social security" deposit of 198 euros, we found out finally what no one would tell us. Apparently, we were paying for insurance. Insurance that we had already bought in the states. No one bothered to tell us that there was no need for us to pay twice. Now we have to try and get our money back. Which is really just a pain- thanks a lot CIREFE program and Global Education Office. The communication is just fabulous. Not.

The jet lag still hasn't lifted and I am still so tired that I had a two hour long nap when we came home and were able to relax after the fiascoes of the day. (And the SUGAR from the hot chocolate! :D )

A bientot for now!


  1. awh, quelle domage! (please add appropriate spelling changes and accents where needed)
    but it's coming around and well, you are having some pretty amazing food things already - which is a bonus. chin up dear. it's going to be even more wonderful!

  2. I am melting looking at the brownie picture. mmmm

  3. I'll take you there when you come here. You will love it! :D