Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rain, Hail, Snow< Blood Drive Jam Band

So today was nice- besides the weather. We went to the bank right away in the morning and set up our accounts so we can get our food stipend wired to a bank account every month. C'était simple!

Then we headed off towards the farmer's market that is on Saturday mornings, but unfortunately it started to hail and so all the vendors either went home or covered up their products. Then it snowed for about three minutes and stopped. Weird. Next Saturday it is!

After that we had a DELICIOUS lunch at a little place called Queen Mum, I believe. Delicious. French. Classic. Food. We all got roasted sesame chicken and white wine and lots of little veggies. Next time we go I'm going to branch out and get l'agneau- the lamb! Mmmm.

We walked around quite a bit after this, stopped at a patisserie, where I got a delicious coffee éclair. Also mmmm.

We also stumbled onto GREAT live music (shown above!) whilst a blood drive went on. Of course we couldn't donate, but we still enjoyed the jam band. Didn't catch their name, but they were fabulous.

After this, it was too cold (and sunny, strangely enough) so we went back home where we ate baguette and brie and pasta later on in the evening.
Sarah and I did a lot of homework in the late afternoon, which was good to get out of the way. Tomorrow will be a lot of sleeping in and cooking! Bonne nuit!!!


  1. Grace,
    Je suis heureux que tes classes aillent bien. Ton cours d’art me paraît super. C’est bien que tu suives un cours de compréhension orale. Je sais que c’est un peu difficile mais, tu verras avec le temps que tu feras des énormes progrès. Un Carrefour à côté ! Quelle bonne chance !

  2. en francais grace! en francais! :D

  3. Blood jams! tasty

  4. Hahahaha blood jam! argh... for vampires.

  5. Merci, Marty! Oui, l'orale est un peu difficile, mais il sera bien! Carrefour est trés prés de Normandie! C'est fabuleux!
    Merci merci encore!