Thursday, January 28, 2010

Classes begin!

Today was the first day of classes! Yay! I had three and they were all pretty easy.
The first one was at 10:30 and it is our main course that we have three times a week, two hours each day we have it. This one is called Etude de la Langue. It's our main course of study and our teacher is very, very nice.
We were a little late however because we couldn't find the classroom! We ended up going through an entrance that is apparently only used by faculty and we were allowed to go through a shortcut from the faculty area to where the classrooms are by some lady from the faculty.
She said only this time would she let us go through though! AHH! Well. We have only been here six days. We are just barely figuring out the campus and there are FIVE MILLION BUILDINGS! (Okay there are about ten or something and they are all huge).

My second class was Comprehension Orale, which basically was an hour of just listening to a French conversation and answering questions about it. That one is only an hour once a week, which is nice. That one was much harder for me than the first one, which involved writing opposed to listening.
Thirdly, we had our class called Labo. All we did in this class (this one is also only an hour and once a week) was set up our email account with the teacher.
An easy day of classes done!

Also, on Monday we were able to choose a few different "option" classes. I ended up getting "Art Moderne", which will be fun, I'm sure. I have that one tomorrow and Expression Ecrite. Both are two hours long and after that, let le weekend commence!

I'm trying to write some letters and postcards now, but it's too cold to go outside and post them!!! So I'll do that tomorrow- look out for some postcards in a week or so people! :)

After getting lost a few times in the city of Rennes, things are starting to look up. I can locate myself now ... finally. Shortcuts are getting easier to find. Also, we all got our Carte d'Etudiante. This was a pain in the fesses because we had to get our own pictures taken at the nearby grocery store where they had a passport photo booth thing. I made mine look very strange.. Sarah said I look like I'm in the matrix in mine because I tucked my hair into my jacket and look super serious. And my collar of my coat is up. I would the picture, but it's slightly embarrassing.

Tonight is the big night for drinking at La Rue de la Soif, but I think I will be staying in and going to sleep early (ish) because I have class at 10:30 AM. So tonight will be soup and bread and jam and pajamas. With leggings underneath because there is NO HEAT in the building.
Did I already say that this building that we are living in is so crappy that they are TEARING IT DOWN as soon as we move out?
Oh yeah. We got the classy dorm. We met some Australian girls and they went in, decided they hated it and got an apartment immediately. They call the rooms of the dorm that I'm in "suicide boxes" I don't think it's quite THAT bad, haha.

Tomorrow is more classes and the bank. We have to open a bank account so they can wire us our food stipend every month. "Food stipend." I plan to eat a lot of bread and save this money for travel and whatever else I need. Not that it's THAT much money, but it helps!

A toute a l'heure! More things tomorrow! And a photo tomorrow, I promise! :)

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  1. Grace - c'est Colin Foss, de Spaulding. Je sais que c'est un bizarre que je t'espionne sur ton blog, mais il faut vivre avec, OK? De toute façon, c'est ta mère qui m'a indiqué que tu seras en France. Bonne chance à Rennes! Dis que c'est pas vrai que la rue des bars s'appelle la Rue de la Soif. Ces bretons, ils déconnent pas. Bonne rentrée!