Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is my first full day in Rennes! And this is the first thing I saw when I walked into my room. A bidet. I think it's hilarious that not only does our room get a sink, it comes with a bidet. And lots of shelf space, an itsy bitsy bed and a really bad fluorescent light.
Yay, right?

Well, yesterday it looked pretty bleak and I was quite considering buying a return ticket.
After a LOT of sleep and some excellent duck for lunch today (finished off with delicious cafe au lait) I was feeling much better. Even about the room.
My window has a beautiful view of the skyline and we've already figured out how to use the metro, which is great.

The only problem is that it rained yesterday and today. Perhaps tomorrow will be better weatherwise!!!

I have to admit- the trip was long. After taking two planes, we realized we had to take a bus to Montparnasse to get onto the TGV train that would take us to Rennes directly. I already felt crappy because of being so congested and the dry plane didn't help that at all.

Once we got onto the train with MASSIVE amounts of luggage that took a lot help from random strangers (which was GREAT) we relaxed a bit and then were able to freak out yet again at the train station when we didn't know where Morgan was to pick us up. Luckily, we were called the GEO in Keene from the train station before we left and Katie helped us by calling Morgan or emailing him and let him know approximately what time we would be arriving. And he did arrive!! And we practically fell asleep on the metro. At least I did.

After dropping off our bags at the dormitory called Normandie on the SEVENTH FLOOR, we met our director, who gave us much information (though I don't know how much I retained whilst so freaking exhausted). And then he took us to dinner for crepes which was HEAVENLY. I had some goat cheese, tomato and herbed crepe. It was delicious and after that, we retired back to our dorm for a much needed shower and some sleep.

Today, we had a wonderful day shopping, getting our mobile phones, and eating duck. Also, we went grocery shopping. Interesting, fun, and freaking expensive.

And now, I'm looking forward to a dinner of baguette, artichoke and spinach soup and some red wine. Bon appetit!!


  1. oh oh oh! this is a great first post, first days and so exciting to read. i am a fan of this blog!

  2. Bad flourescent lighting, rump-washers and seven flights of stairs ... only the finest for our American exchange students! haha


  3. So exciting to hear your story! Each day could be an adventure. We will love to keep reading them.

  4. Je suis content que tu sois bien arrivée après un très long voyage. Je suis jaloux de ta baquette, ton café au lait et ton canard. (je blague!) Je suis tellement fier de toi, et je ne peux pas attendre de lire tes aventures. Vive la France !

  5. Bienvenue! Nice to read and see photo of your great adventure in "La Patrie." It'll get better with each passing day and as you develop routines and shed expectations. Live each day to the fullest, it will go quickly. Enjoy and know you are loved.

  6. I have a bidet too. I haven't used it.

    by the way, je suis jaloise (did I make that up?) of your apartment. hope you come to just luuurve it!