Friday, January 29, 2010

Converters. Get some.

One more quick update.
As I prepared to go out for the evening, I decided to use a friend's curling iron. With no converter, as I simply don't have one.
Do not ever, ever do this. Especially with a curling iron.
As I brought the curler back in front of my face after curling the back of my hair, which I could not see, I realized that the giant black lump left on the curler was MY HAIR.
I burned off a good inch-long chunk of my hair on the back of my head (At least it's underneath, so you can't see it). Go me. A few more seconds on my hair and I would have LITERALLY been ON FIRE.
So lesson of the day: Buy a freaking converter.

I would have included a picture, but yet again, it is just too embarrassing. And it was pretty disgusting to look at.

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  1. Good gracious. I'm glad you're ok!