Friday, January 29, 2010

Grocery Shopping. Finally.

So today we were finally able to get our stipend for food!!!!!! So immediately, we went food shopping at Carrefour. I got raspberry juice, spinach, corn, garlic, apples, potatoes, a cucumber, hand soap, red wine, spaghetti noodles, a candle, tissues and milk. You know, just the essentials. Haha. The awesome part about living right next to the other three girls is that we share all our food by making meals together! Mad savings!
Tonight we are having salmon! And Meagan is making it! Finally. Real. Cooked. Food.
Well, besides the deliciousness of the restaurants here of course!

Unfortunately, people on our floor have been stealing from the PADLOCKED fridges. Really mature. So I am keeping the majority of my food on my shelf above my desk as shown in the photo above. (I got spinach and a cucumber mom, you should be happy :))

Today we had more classes! The first one was kind of too easy for me, but the second one was modern art and was AWESOME. The teacher is SO hilarious. Very funny and super nice. We look at slides and talk about different French artists and we are starting with the Impressionists. So, it is not bad at all!

Last night, instead of going out to the crazy Rue du Soif, we stayed in, got some VERY CHEAP bottles of champagne and had a girls night in in our pajamas. That was definitely the way to go with the 10:30 AM class this morning. Gah. Anyways, it was pretty fun.

With Carrefour closed (the very close grocery store) we didn't know where to get wine or anything. We texted a friend who lives a door away from me to ask where we could still get a bottle of anything.
He told us that there is a place across from Carrefour and it closes at 10 PM.
We had ten minutes to get there. We ran. We made it. We had cheap, shitty champagne.
It was great.

Tonight we may venture out (since we have our STIPEND!!!) but the night is still too early to tell.

And the salmon dinner is calling me. A bient√łt!

A quick update: Dinner was fabulous!!!!! Meagan's salmon cooking skills are off the charts. Really. Along with some pasta and pesto, baguette and camembert, it was completely delish!
And now I am going out! I promise to get many pictures of the Friday nightlife. :) Bonne nuit!

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