Friday, February 5, 2010

Fajitas and Laundry

One day, four girls decided that pasta just wasn't cutting it for dinner anymore.
And so they consulted the blog of a wise woman and thus made fajitas (an idea that formed from said blog's quesadillas).

We even made nachos beforehand in the microwave and shared them with an unknown co-resident and made friends!
We often monopolize the kitchen and so when we make a LOT of nachos, it's good to share with whoever happens to be around.
I will always stand by the saying that you learn everything you ever need to know in kindergarten. Don't hit, be nice, and SHARE.

Two classes today and they were GREAT. The second one was, at least. The second was Modern Art and it is incredibly interesting. It also helps that the teacher is completely hilarious and batty. In a good way.

Today I noticed for the first time that I can listen to any of my teachers and I understand .. nearly everything. It's very exciting to me that this is happening so early into my semester!!! Two weeks in and everything is becoming clear.

Until tomorrow folks- the Saturday morning market at Sainte Anne begins early and I plan on taking copious amounts of photos and hoping for NO RAIN!!!

Bonne nuit! Et comme toujours, bon appetit!


  1. oh so beautiful! you all look wonderful and the nachos.. well, they are "inspired"... yay cooking! yay comprehension! viva la france!

  2. pssst: what about laundry? hee hee

  3. I likez youz earringz