Friday, February 19, 2010

The Louvre, my love, and Le Haricot Rouge

I know that I've been MIA for almost an entire week.. Well, I suppose it is a week today, but I've been super busy showing Matt around Rennes! Also, Matt has been showing me around Rennes... While I was in class a few times, he explored Rennes by himself and even made a few friends, who we ran into already!

Last week before I even picked him up, I spent the weekend with Margot, which I enjoyed immensely! She made delicious dinners and we watched the Olympics and had a super fabulous time. She got me into the Louvre for free, too! I took tons of pictures, got lost in the Egyptian section and had a great time all in all.
The next day was Valentine's Day and she gave me a tour of the city, pretty much. We walked by Notre Dame, the Sorbonne (which she attends) and then to Montmartre. The picture of the delicious pastry and coffee was from Montmartre.

She also helped me a lot with getting to Charles de Gaulle to pick up Matt, which was not the easiest thing, I have to admit. It's absolutely huge.

After picking him up, we were delayed for hours at Montparnasse (the train station) because of a suicide on the tracks. Horrible, I know.

The rest of the week has been quite nice, though. Yesterday we went to Le Haricot Rouge and got the hot chocolate extravaganza and moelleux chocolat- molten chocolate cake.
Somehow we ate it all, too.

And that has been my week in a nutshell.
Next Tuesday I'll be off to Ireland for five days as Sarah has a friend in a little town near Galway called Ballyvaughn. So, no hostel fees! And we can bring our own food! I think we'll have a great time. I plan on finding a nice field and relaxing and reading. If it rains, I'll probably do the same.

Bonne journée to you all!!!!!

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  1. It was so much fun! Thank you for everything my love: molten lava chocolate, flocks of birds that would make Hitchcock cringe and a romantic night in Paris to top it all off ;)