Saturday, February 6, 2010

To Market, To Market

This morning we made it to the market around 10:30 and we waded through the crowds through hundreds of people all clamoring for fish, cheeses, jams, breads, chickens, rabbits, fruits, and veggies!

There were a TON of booths full of anything you could ever want. Everything looked delicious and it was even not too bad out weatherwise- it only rained for about ten minutes. We bought some organic and fresh eggs, fresh brussel sprouts, and delicious bread!!

After we went through the market and had a quick cup of cafe au lait, we went to a few shops because the national sales are ending soon! They are set twice a year and all shops MUST have sales at the same time. Interesting, right? Well, it was perfect because I found a beautiful pair of boots for only 10 euros that are COMFORTABLE and fit me perfectly, are brown and even have a little heel... I love them.

After some shopping, we returned chez nous and made some lunch!

I took a few pictures of the market here and there so you can get an idea of how big it is and also how rainy it was... for about ten minutes.
Then it was beautiful all afternoon! Even now it's sunny out!

Also I realize that I titled yesterday's blog "Fajitas and Laundry" and then said nothing about the laundry situation.
Well, the laundry situation is this. I brought Woolite with me to France so that I could wash my socks and delicates in my sink and hang them up on a line in my room. Which I have done.
THEY WON'T DRY. They have been on the line for more than 24 hours now and they REFUSE to dry. This would happen to me. The only way I could hang up the line in my room (because of the lack of hooks and the like) is by putting one end of the bungee cord on my closet door handle with the door shut and the other end is around my desk chair, which is secured in place by another chair.
If I put the hook around my chair without securing the chair, it would have just moved because of the tension on the line and dropped all my stuff on the floor.
I know this because it happened twice before I figured out how to secure it.
Also, it is cutting my room in half and I have had to either crawl underneath or leap over it and either way I end up with socks on my head or on the floor. *sigh*

Anyways, now it is time for a nap. It's a lazy Saturday.

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