Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today we had our class called "Labo". It's called this because we are in a sort of lab/classroom where we have huge headphones with microphones and we record ourselves and then listen to them. The teacher can stop our separate tapes at any time and correct our work. Sarah is demonstrating with the headset for me, down below, haha.
Basically, you work by yourself in this class. It's my favorite class. I wish that it wasn't only an hour a week. I would easily get rid of the Comprehension Orale and instead have another hour of Labo. Plus, our teacher is really nice and pretty understanding.
Also, I leveled up in my Oral class- from level 5 to 8!
And now, I need to make some pasta for dinner before heading out!
A bientot!


  1. Ein Sprachlabor! That what we had ... English with Mister Haschke.

  2. i think anonymous's teacher also said: "look in this eye!"

  3. The caption to Sarah's picture should read:

    "Damnit, Threepio - don't ever tell me the odds!"